Stop trawling through tenders - start receiving tailored alerts as soon as they’re released!

What is TenderBuzz?

TenderBuzz provides an effective solution to a time-consuming task

Our software takes the pain out of finding relevant public sector tenders and subcontracts for your industry and location. You’ll receive details of matched opportunities directly to your inbox within a few hours of publication. You can then request full information from the procurement officer in a couple of clicks. 

Who are we?

We’re a small, reliable UK business that has been running since 2003

We help you access information on tenders and subcontracts from the government portals as soon as it is published. Our software system is thought to be the longest established and most reliable of its kind in the UK.

What’s the benefit?

Whilst it’s true that tender information is available elsewhere, for a small annual cost we deliver this information straight to your inbox, increasing your efficiency and saving you time to focus on the day-to-day running of your company. TenderBuzz’s alert service means you don’t miss out on opportunities that might otherwise slip through the net.

How does it work?

After setting up your region and trade preferences, you’ll receive email alerts to new opportunities within a few hours of the tenders and subcontracts being released. You’ll only receive what’s relevant to you.

Simply log in from your email alert to view a relevant tender, and click to send the Procurement Officer your details with a request for more information. The Procurement Officer is required to reply to every application to ensure open and fair practice.

You’ll also be seen by coded government Procurement Officers searching for your type of business using our Search SME portal, and have access to our Tips on Tendering information, essential for any business tendering for the first time.


TenderBuzz Standard Service

Receive alerts covering your chosen region, trade or services.

1 Region
1 Trade

(Additional regions and trades £15 each)


for 12 months

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TenderBuzz Premium Service

Receive alerts covering the whole of the UK with these trades.

12 Region
3 Trade


for 12 months

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Great Value thanks.

I have just signed for my second year with My company is only 19 months old and I have found the information of over 200 tenders sent to me by email from the last year of great value. I have not used the service to its full because of being too busy with other work but I have managed to apply for tenders and intend to apply for more this year. I was very happy to sign for a second year and found the call to take my money very pleasant and not pressured in any way. Once again thanks for a great service.

Mike (Waste removal services)


Tenders and Contracts user Friendly Site

I have been using Tenders and Contracts for a few months now and I am very pleased with the simplicity and ease of use of this very good service. The subscription price was reasonable and well worth the money. We are a fire services company called TVF (UK) Ltd and as the PA and primary searcher for suitable tenders for our industry I can recommend Tenders and Contracts to all.

Thank you for developing this user friendly site.


Best Value

A very useful and helpful service and amongst the myriad of similar but very expensive services, I have found to be the best value, most efficient and by far the most reliable in identifying new opportunities. Excellent technical backup and always helpful.

Dave Potts
Business Development Manager

Security Company