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Direct access to the UK Tender Library

  • TenderBuzz gives 24/7 access to the UK Tender Library
  • The UK Tender Library is the source of all public sector tenders and subcontracts for SMEs.
  • TenderBuzz links the UK Tender Library with SMEs, serving all trades in all UK locations.
  • Designed for ease of use for busy SMEs.
  • Receive email alerts daily for tenders. With a couple of clicks your request for full information is
    sent from the UK Tender Library direct to the procurement officer. See video (link to Tender Library video)
  • Receive daily alerts for subcontract opportunities with free access to the UK Tender Library.
  • See subcontract video. (link to Subby Direct video)
  • Mobile friendly; explore opportunities and take instant action anywhere.

Public contracts are opportunities to sell your services, trade or goods to government, local councils
and other public bodies. A common misconception is that tenders are limited to building and
construction work. The truth is the public sector has a wide and varied need, from security guards to
web design, carpentry to care providers, china mugs to transport services, catering to car washing
and thousands more. Subcontract opportunities are presented from companies that have been
awarded large contracts and are seeking subcontractors.

Contracts with the public sector offer stability and guarantees, ensuring labour, supplies and
payments can be planned. Cashflow forecasts are more accurate as invoices are paid within 30 days.
As a supplier to the public sector your business gains credibility, trust and substance in the eyes of
your customers and competitors.

Since 2003 Tenders and Contracts Ltd has built and managed the UK Tender Library, the source of
tender and information in the UK for sole traders through to larger companies. Our licensed
software receives tender and subcontract information from the government portals as soon as it is
published. The data is filed in the library and matched to the profile of every registered TenderBuzz
subscriber. All relevant matches are emailed as a tender alert direct to their inbox.

Contracts fall into three categories, Micro Tenders usually up to £10,000, Low Value Tenders up to
£118,000 and High Value Tenders above £118,000. Unlike the private sector, the public sector
cannot usually choose a provider freely, but must advertise opportunities and run fair and
transparent competitions (tenders) for the service, trade or goods required. Micro contracts do not
require tenders; procurement officers can search the UK Tender Library to find suitable suppliers for
Micro contracts using the Search SME portal.


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